Monday 3 June 2013

Yet Another Classic Show - Part #2 - Cars

1971 Lotus Europa
A pair of pre-war Jaguars 2.5 litre SS

Alvises in parade ring

P6 Rovers

A mini monster car

A 1969 Opal GT

Lovely Mk 2 Jag

A parade of military vehicles including a desert equipped Land Rover complete with Bren gun.

V12 engine in Jaguar E-type

E Type in Lilac

Ford Zodiac 6 cyl - Our family car when I was young. I learnt to drive in this car, well its 4 cyl version the Zephyr, on private roads when I was about 15. It was killed by brother Norman when he took it for an unauthorised drive while I was repairing the engine and it had no water in the radiator.

I tend to feature the beautiful & interesting, but what about the mundane & ugly? British Leyland gave us these examples

The Vanden Plas - the much maligned "posh" version of the Austin Allegro in a very repulsive brown
Gone & mostly forgotten - the Austin Maxi. In any colour like so long as it's beige.

This one really fell out of the ugly tree - the Austin 3 Litre


  1. Will he ever stop going on about the Zephyr? You'd think I'd committed a murder or something, and it was nearly 40 years ago!

    1. He has kept that one quiet Stuart, I thought I had heard Normans stories at least a dozen times each! Keep them coming :-)