Sunday, 2 June 2013

Yet Another Classic Show - Part #1 - Bikes (& 3 Wheelers)

Another weekend - another classic vehicle show - or so it seems lately. This one was the Scottish Borders Historic Motoring Extravaganza in the impressive setting of Thirlestane Castle.

The castle is an impressive pile
1965 BSA A65 Spitfire Hornet. This street scambler was a US model returned from the States.

1968 Moto Guzzi Stornello Sport 160cc

1959 BSA M21. This Automobile Association outfit has done 200,000 miles.

1914 New Hudson Model D - the oldest bike at the show
Itera plastic bicycle. Made in Sweden in the early '80's they were not a success because the frame was too "bendy". Remaining bikes were sold in the Caribbean because they didn't rust in the salty air.
Moto Guzzi powered "Pembelton" three wheeler

Morgan three wheeler with JAP engine 

Messerschmitt bubble car

A very good show in very nice weather (a bit too warm for walking about in leathers but you can't complain about that) and a nice day for a run through the beautiful Borders.

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