Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Featured Bike - WK Bikes 650i & 650TR

Looking at the motorcycle section of the Gumtree website (UK classified ads) I noticed a dealer advert for a new bike called a WK 650i. This is a water cooled 650cc dohc parallel twin roadster and looks similar to a Kawasaki ER6n. In fact it’s a close copy of the ER6. This is a bike by the CF Moto company of China and re-branded for the UK for some reason. WK (White Knuckle, apparently) sell a range of scooters and 125cc bikes (popular in the UK due to licensing laws) but the 650 is the first big Chinese bike on the market.

There is also a touring model, the 650TR, that has a full fairing and panniers and looks like a mini Honda ST1300. 

It seems inevitable that Chinese products will take over the world, but are we ready to buy Chinese motorcycles? The 650i is £4,200, an ER6n £5,400 so it's cheaper but not by that much. Would you find the extra for a Kawa? or buy a used bike? Long term durability & reliability and the performance of the dealers will probably decide it.

There are a lot of dealers (8 in Scotland alone) so you can see one if you want. here

A positive review of the 650TR by the estimable Alan Cathcart

WK 650i

WK 650TR

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