Thursday 6 February 2014

Past Bikes - 1980 Honda CB250RS

What a great little bike! The RS was a roadster using the XL250 4 valve single engine. At the time in the UK 250cc was the limit for learner riders who had not passed a test. The RS was a popular choice for learners because it was light, nimble and quite fast. I bought the bike in 1982 for my girlfriend. When we later set up home together it carried the pair of us to work for many years in all weathers. The RS was very similar to the CBF250 I ride today.

1982 with learner "L" plates
1990 with white paint job


  1. I loved that bike, so much fun to ride!!! Have had my eye out for one recently but settled on a CB400 four which is on its way to me from Wales. Happy days!!

    1. Yes and it sounded great with the Motad exhaust. It must be hard to find a good one now. A 400/4? that’s quite a collection you've got.

  2. Yes, thats 5 now!! Going to sell the BMW R1150RS though, its only done 8k so should sell easily enough. Actually, the 400/4 which is arriving tomorrow (Tues) has a brand new motad system on it (stainless downpipes and chrome silencer), im hoping it makes as nice a noise as the CB250RS which had a lovely deep tone. I have struggled to find a decent CB250RS and they seem to be worth quite a lot of money now. Strange how these 70s and 80s Hondas are becoming quite collectable. To be honest, I much prefer the styling from that period, modern bikes are so angular and plastic and dont make any noise!