Thursday 7 April 2016

A Strange One….

On Monday I intended to go for a run on my FJ1200. I fuelled up at my local filling station and got on my way. After about a mile the bike started spluttering. My first thought was that I filled up with diesel but I was sure I hadn't. The bike stopped and only re-started with difficulty. Luckily I was near home and it was all downhill. I managed to splutter home.

The problem seemed to be fuel starvation so I suspected the fuel pump. The FJ doesn't really need one and I ran my old bike for 6 months with the pump by-passed. I did this and the bike ran ok. So back on my way but after a mile it was spluttering again. Back home and fuel was pouring out of the bottom of the bike. This sometimes happens when a float valve sticks but this only happens after a lay up when the fuel evaporates.  

Fuel pump
Pump by-passed
I had a coffee and thought about it. Fuel was getting to the pump so it wasn't a problem with a blocked filter. The pump was working (I could hear it clicking) It wasn't a problem with a carburettor because the bike has four and would run with one (or even two) out. I re-connected the pump and the bike ran ok. It's now 120 miles without a repeat of the problem - it seems to have cleared. This is good but I'd like to know what was wrong.

I then thought that water might have got into the fuel so I'll try a fuel additive. Now I am very sceptical of fuel and oil additives that promise miracle cures but I reckoned that a dose of Wynn's Dry Fuel wouldn't do any harm. This removes water from the fuel system and also claims to clean things out, improve fuel economy, cure baldness etc etc.
Can't do any harm, I suppose

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