Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Castle Sween

Last October I took a run to the village of Tayvallich on Loch Sween on the Argyll coast. I noticed on the map that on the other side of the Loch was Castle Sween. I didn't have time visit then but went for a run there yesterday.

Castle Sween is thought to be the oldest castle in Scotland and dates from the late 1100s.
Location of the castle
On the way there I stopped at Inveraray. The "Vital Spark" was the name of the "puffer" in comedy short stories by Neil Munro. Puffers were small cargo ships that serviced the Highlands and Islands. The stories were made into TV comedies. The ship in the photo was used in the '90's "Tales of Para Handy".
The story of the castle

Looking down Loch Sween to the sea

The kitchen

A well inside the castle is a good idea if you have to withstand a siege


  1. Retirement seems to suit you, Stuart :)

  2. Highly recommended if you get the offer. I seldom ride at weekends these days preferring weekdays when things are quieter. It works well in Scotland because you can go out anytime the weather is good. There was nothing worst than nice weather when you were working followed by a wet weekend when you wanted to ride.

  3. How cool that so much of the castle is still standing.

    1. I think its remote location prevented destruction. Historic Scotland do work to stabilise the ruins.

      If you like old I'll soon post something that may be of interest. We're just back from (possibly) Europe's most historic city.