Wednesday 13 April 2016

The Roads to Nowhere on the Cowal Peninsular - Part#2

Old Laughlan Castle….
…and the new one nearby
How cute is this cottage?
The view from the cottage - Canada geese grazing in a field beside Loch Fyne
Otter Ferry
Highland hospitality - the drinking fountain has a cup provided
Portavadie. There is a ferry from here to Tarbet
Also the "ghost village" of Pollphail. This was built in the early '70's at the start of the North Sea Oil boom. Constructed by the Scottish Government for workers in a proposed yard constructing oil rigs. But the yard never materialised and the village was abandoned.
I spied this remote beach at Kilbride Bay but….
..there is no access (by road anyway)


  1. The cottage? I want to move in ;-)

    Beautiful sights. Thank you for sharing these lovely pics.

  2. I agree with Sonja, that cottage is lovely.