Monday 31 July 2017

Sunshine & Showers

The American writer Bill Bryson, who lives in this country, said that he heard a weather forecast that went something like "it will be cloudy with showers and some brighter intervals". He noted that this could be read out every day in Britain and seldom be wrong. Well, today was one of these days. But we are nothing if not used to changeable weather so it won't spoil a day out, will it?
I took a selection of waterproofs. Luckily it never got so bad that they were needed.

My plan was to head into Dumfries & Galloway on the minor road through Glentrool Forest. My first problem was finding it. Junctions with no direction signs seems the norm on the back roads in Ayrshire.

Found it!

It got dull so I switched on the HDR (high dynamic range) setting

The Solway Firth near Creetown

I don't know a lot about agriculture but it seems that giant pink marshmallows are grown in this area.

In Kirkcudbright there is an early (1926) reinforced concrete bridge over the River Dee

Beach huts?, I'm not sure there's a beach here.

A "99" from the Mr Whippy van. I don't think I've seen one of these vans in years.

MacLellan's Castle.....

........with its own Rapunzel

HDR panorama

It's rare it happens but I don't think I'm ever been on this road before.


  1. Such pretty views even with the rain. Everything looks so nice and green. Things have turned brown here. We haven't seen rain in over 40 days and we are forecast for record breaking heat today with a high of 110˚F (43.3˚C).

    We have the large white marshmallows in the fields but I haven't seen the pink ones. Nice find.

    1. Having a lush green landscape is one upside of having reliable rainfall.

      It never gets really hot here, 20C/68F is typical. That's perfect for bike riding. You can wear your gear without boiling. Can you even ride at 100F+?

      The pink bales were a surprising and surrealistic site, I had to stop for a photo.