Wednesday 22 August 2018

Another Wee Run (with some Architecture)

I'm out on the FJ again. At this time of year I have a minor panic. Although still August, the chill of autumn is here so I try to get out when I can. Today I'm in Galloway, a favourite area of mine in South West Scotland.

By chance I came across a couple of buildings of interest.  
Firstly Corseyard Farm, known as Scotland's "Coo (cow) Palace". This was a dairy farm build by a wealthy retired merchant. Constructed in the early 20th century in the style of a castle. Details & old photos here

The building had become derelict but luckily a developer is converting it into holiday accommodation (and using the Coo Palace name!) see here

Across the road there are still cows about (and the Solway Firth beyond)
Kirkcudbright Bay

At Borgue I noticed that the parish church was being sold. It's a 200 year old kirk, a sturdily constructed building but it's hard to see what else it could be used for in a small village. A bit large for a home….and surrounded by a graveyard. Still, it'll give me an excuse to revisit the area to see progress.
The village of Parton on my way home


  1. I wouldn't mind living in a former church, but the graveyards would creep me out (too much imagination I guess).

    1. Yes, I agree that it's too spooky for a home. It will be interesting to see what happens to the church.

    2. Quiet neighbours, though, so there is that ;)

    3. Also a good location - dead centre of town.