Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Run to Fife

I'm out & about on the FJ again. It's cloudy and coolish, but this is Scotland and if I were to wait for perfect weather to ride I'd likely wait a good while. 

When going for my healthy (ahem) breakfast I parked next to this Suzuki.

The owner was waiting for the recovery service because his front brake lever had fallen off. I offered sympathy and advice (ride it on the rear brake) but he wasn't keen on that.

Balvaird Castle. I'm sure I've never passed here before.

In quite good condition for 500 years old.

Old as it is this is much older.

How Scottish is this? - a clootie dumpling shop! I vaguely remember my mother making them when I was a child. It's a fruit pudding boiled in an old pillowcase (cloot = cloth in Scots)

You can just about see the sills in the Lindores Abbey distillery.

The old abbey entrance. About all that left because the abbey didn't survive the Scottish reformation.

The site of a great Scottish victory…..or was it? Historians question whether this battle actually took place.

The River Tay at the (maybe) battle site.

Direction signs to the secret bunker - this always makes me chuckle.

The fishing port of Anstruther.

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