Monday 20 August 2018

Just a Wee Run

I was up early this morning. Gwen donated an unwanted sofa to a local charity shop. Yesterday she got a text "we'll pick it up at 7:30am tomorrow". That's the middle of the night to a man of leisure and I had to be up to hand it over to them.

Anyway when I thought that rush hour was over I headed to the Highlands. If you read my posts and are not from these islands you might get the idea that Scotland has a sunny, Mediterranean climate because I try to pick nice days to ride but today was much more representative.  

The village of Arrocher reflected in Loch Long

Bienn an Lochain shrouded in clouds

Inveraray on Loch Fynne

I crossed the Connel Bridge. It's favourite of mine. Built as a rail bridge but now carries road traffic

Fishing boats on Loch Etive
Build a house with a view?

I found this old stone bridge at Inveresragan. Nature is slowly reclaiming it.

Castle Stalker is in a fine location on Loch Linnhe.

Monty Python fans may recognise it as Castle Aaargh from the film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  


  1. I knew that castle looked familiar. Thanks for this interesting trivia.

    1. The film was mostly shot in Scotland. I once thought of doing a tour of the locations.

  2. I'd like to visit that castle one day, very photogenic.