Friday, 30 August 2013

Featured Bike - Yamaha XS1100 Martini

The XS1100 (called the XS Eleven in the USA) was the predecessor to the FJ series and constructed 1979 - 82. This was Yamaha's first four cylinder four stroke. It had a 1100cc dohc 8 valve engine with shaft drive.

Yamaha produced this rare limited edition model with an unusual fairing. The XS, like most bikes at the time, was "naked". It was designed by John Mockett, an illustrator & cartoonist and manufactured in the UK.

The fairing had a number of interesting features. It was two part with the top half mounted on the bars and the bottom part was mounted to the frame. The top part had guards to protect the rider's hands and there were a pair of spot lights made into the lower fairing.

The bike was named after the drinks company because they sponsored the race team at the time.  

You can see the different fairing sections here
In the US Yamaha sold a Venturer model with Vetter fairing & luggage so they probably didn't get the Martini.
The Europe only 1.1 Sport looks pretty cool


  1. I spotted one of the faired bikes on a club stand in France last year:
    I can't recall ever seeing one of these before, they are that rare.

  2. I've never seen one either. 500 made 65 in UK spec.