Monday 6 July 2015

The Bridges of Newcastle

A run last Tuesday to my favourite British city - Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I took walk along the riverside for a look at the seven bridges that cross the Tyne in the city centre.

The last bridge on the Tyne before the sea is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. Opened in 2001 this footbridge opens to allow the passage of shipping.


 Newcastle beach!

 Sage Gateshead concert hall

Looking upstream at the Tyne Bridge and the five bridge behind it. I'm sure the jetski is breaking the Tyne's 6 knot speed limit.

The famous Tyne Bridge. Opened in 1928 this has become a symbol of the city. 

The bridge is home to a population of Kittiwakes. The city seem proud of them but as one who maintained bridges in a previous life I'm thinking about the damage their guano does to the paintwork.

 Swing Bridge (1876) On the left is the castle that gives the town its name.

 High level Bridge (1849) carries railway (upper deck) & traffic (lower deck)

Upstream of the High Level Bridge are the Metro Bridge, the King Edward (railway) Bridge & Redheugh Bridge. I intended to walk up to these bridges and over the Tyne & High Level bridges for the view, but gave up. It was too hot (well, 80F/27C) but that is scorching for northern Britain and too much for me in biking gear.

I chucked it at the old Fish Market

The bridges inspired a work of music in 1970 - "The Five Bridges Suite" on the album "Five Bridge" by prog rock band The Nice. I've just re-listened to it and it's ok if you like orchestral/jazz fusion. It's marred only by the occasional vocals of Lee Jackson. Two bridges have been built since the album - the Gateshead Millennium Bridge and the Metro Bridge for the light railway system.  


  1. Wow, those bridges are really cool. I haven't been outside the USA or Canada so it is always nice to see structures in other countries.

    1. Glad you liked it. I'll have to go back for a "Part#2"