Wednesday 1 July 2015

Moffat Classic Car Rally - Part#2

 Lovely Daimler V8

 What a trio of gentleman's sports cars - Aston Martin BD6

 Jensen 541

 Bristol Type 405D

Hillman Hunters - nice to see someone is caring for these. I gave an owner a laugh by quoting something I'd read that very morning "There are more Lamborghini Diablos in the UK now than Hillman Hunters".

 …and there are also people lovingly looking after the Austin Maxi - yes, really!

Nash Metropolitan. These were built by Austin in the UK for the US market. This is a rare UK model with right hand drive

 Triumph Stags. What's the collective noun? - a rut?

 Ford Zodiac Mk 2 - 1960

The much mocked Vanden Plas 1500. The "posh" version of the Austin Allegro it had a leather & wood interior and rear seat folding tables to allow its genteel owners to eat a meal on the road. The colour doesn't help this one.

One of the most interesting cars at the show - a 1972 Suzuki Fronte Coupe with tiny 360cc three cylinder two stroke engine.

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