Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Big in Russia?

I often look at the stats for this blog to see how many people visit and from where. I mean, I wouldn't like to think I was talking to myself. Recently there have been some odd numbers regarding pageviews from Russia. The figures are:

today:         zero
this week:    412
this month:  532

Very odd. There seems to have been an short but intense interest in my blog from that country. Have Russians really been visiting or is this part of some sinister internet scam? Any ideas.

Если вы посещаете мой блог из России, пожалуйста, дайте мне знать.
(If you are visiting my blog from Russia please let me know)

Я всегда время, чтобы проверить "Сказки из пути"
(I always make time to check out "Tales from the Road")


  1. ah...comrade Stuart...I have wondered the same thing myself...just checked the 'stats' at my blog, and it seems I have readers in Russia and in Ukraine. I've asked these readers to at least leave a comment...but no response so far...some times I think I am talking to myself...(and maybe 2 or 3 regulars)...hahaha.

  2. Traffic from Russia or Ukraine isn't actually people, but is spam bots. It is called referrer spam. I believe it isn't harmful other than screwing up the stats. Just don't click on any of the links if they show up in your stats.

    1. Thanks Joe for confirming my suspicion that there was something dodgy going on.