Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Winter Run

The weather here has been stormy and wet for a while but today there was a respite so I went out for a ride. I took a run round the Rosneath Peninsular which is fairly close (110 mile round trip)

 The Esplanade at Helensburgh

 The inventor of telly was born here

Rosneath Bay

 It's just past 1:30pm and the sun is setting behind the hills

 The Firth of Clyde from Kilcreggan

 Loch Long and Creachan Mor (centre)

 From Barbour Road I always stop at a nice cottage with this view down the Loch to the Firth of Clyde.

 But the cottage has been demolished no doubt for a big new one.

This was the cottage
Back at Kilcreggan



  1. Beautiful photos. What were your temperatures like?

    1. About 10C/50F - so not too cold and fairly comfortable if you wrap up and have heated grips. Britain isn't usually as cold as you'd expect being this far north because the prevailing wind is from the south west over the sea.