Friday, 11 December 2015

CBF250 Helmet/Seat Lock

A minor but persistent problem on my CBF250 has been the helmet/seat lock. It tends to jam in bad weather when water & muck gets into the workings. The key won't turn the lock and the seat release jams.

The trouble is that if the lock jams I can't get the seat off for access to the tool kit or puncture repair kit and that could leave me stranded. There is also a danger of snapping the key trying to turn the lock. So I decided to fix it once and for all. 

Helmet/seat lock
With some effort I got the key to turn
The seat catch
The lever I'm pulling operates the catch via a cable
A problem was removing the lock. It is attached to the frame by security screws that I couldn't remove so I drilled them out. The lock then came apart. The parts were pretty mucky....
....but cleaned up ok
I soaked the lock in oil
The mechanism back together & packed with grease
And back on the bike. Hopefully this won't cause any more problems in the future.

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