Thursday, 17 December 2015

Queensferry Crossing

It was very mild today (13C/55F) so I went for a run to check on progress of the Queensferry Crossing over the River Forth. This was more difficult of late since the existing road bridge has been closed after a defect was found. I got to the south side ok, but getting to the north would have involved a long detour and a lot of congestion.

Three towers of the bridge with the deck being erected

This panaroma shows the Queensferry Bridge and the existing road & rail bridges

The rail bridge is always worth a photograph

The problem with the existing road bridge is the hangers that connect the main trusses to the towers.
This is the hanger


  1. I wonder how much it would have cost to build another rail bridge, but with a road bed on it? It's outlasted the exiting road bridge and is likely to outlast the new one too. Them Victorians knew a bit about engineering :)

  2. Very cool photos. I think those ominous clouds make them more dramatic too. How have you been doing on rain? We've had inches upon inches here on the 45th parallel.

  3. Clouds are pretty much a permanent feature during winter here but they do sometimes give a good photograph. It has been wet here too. The Met Office says we had 275mm (11") of rain last month which is a lot. Luckily it's not prone to flooding where I live. As for riding in the rain, I'm used to it. I've got decent gear and enough of it to change if I get soaked. My 250 light and easy to handle in the wet.