Sunday 6 December 2015

Let There Be More Light

I noticed recently that the FJ's instruments were mostly in darkness. They could have been like that for a while because I seldom ride in the dark. They are illuminated by three bulbs and I think that two of them have blown. No probs - replace the bulbs. But…it's not that simple to get to the back of the clocks.

Something's not right.
The bulbs are in there somewhere…

…but there's no obvious way of getting to them.

Not from below.
Start by removing the fairing air scoops….

….and fairing inner panels….

….to get access to the fairing bolts.

And the fairing comes off easily.
The bulbs can be changed without removing the clocks from the fairing

The bike uses wedge type bulbs

The clocks are lit up again (no I didn't take this photo at 1:24am - the clock needs re-set because it was disconnected)

This was less hassle than I was expecting and the FJ, as usual, proved to be fairly easy to maintain.


  1. Looks like a pain to replace the bulbs, but look how much you can see on the dash now.

    1. The bike is 23 years old and this is probably the first time the fairing has been removed - so that's not bad. The danger in a job like this is causing damage to the paintwork etc by moving it about.