Thursday, 28 July 2016

Drumtroddan Standing Stone(s)

On a run yesterday alone the coast of Ayrshire and Galloway I headed inland at Port William to see the Standing Stones of Drumtroddan. These consist of three stones that stood ten feet tall.

The stones are aligned to the midsummer rising sun (my diagram)

All references say that two of the three stones are standing but clearly there was only one when I was there. One stone was certainly leaning and seems to have fallen over. Maybe after 4,000 years it fell just before I arrived - how spooky would that be? 


I found a reference that says the stone fell over in 2011. I'd re-erect it but the powers that be seem happy to leave it.


  1. Wonderful pictures, love reading your blog.

  2. The stones happened to take a nap just while you were walking by. I am sure they were up and awake again later.

  3. Maybe the cattle saw something!

  4. Maybe the cattle caused it to fall in a stampede?

    Thanks for the post. I always find it fascinating that these types of stones were placed in certain locations. Makes you wonder how they did it.

  5. Yes, it's amazing that people who must have lived a harsh life expended effort building things like this. Also this is not a remote area. It has been farmed for many centuries so it's surprising that the stones weren't buried or broken up for building material.