Thursday, 21 July 2016

Loch Arkaig

I often study the map to look for an interesting route or somewhere I've never been and found Loch Arkaig. It's located north of Fort William in the West Highlands. A bit off the beaten track it has a single track road along its north shore. The road is a dead end so I expected it to be quiet. I tend to avoid this area in high summer because its usually clogged with tourists (though I suppose that's what I am)

I wasn't expecting too much but found some superb Highland scenery. And quiet it was. In an hour and I half I met two other vehicles. Very unusual in our crowded island.

The road marked in red

Just before the loch is a waterfall called Eas Chia-aig

The road ends at this gate

The loch is said to be the hiding place for a stash of gold provided by the Spanish to Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Legend is that the loch is home to mythical water horses or kelpies


  1. Gorgeous scenery. I can see why someone would want to live in the Highlands.

    A nice bonus there was little traffic. Those are the perfect roads. You can ride along, stop for pictures, and chat with the squirrels.

    1. The road is narrow, winding and covered in gravel & grass so I had to take it easy. But all the better to see the scenery. It's amazing that there is such solitude close to a busy tourist area. Total silence as well, and no midges (today anyway)