Sunday, 26 March 2017

A Run in the Sun

It's been a long time coming but yesterday was sunny and fairly warm. It looked like every bike in Scotland was out on the road. I headed for Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway.

My route
Girvan Harbour - just for Trobairitz

Abandoned church, Barrhill

Loch Maberry. It's hard to see but there are many small islands in the loch. These are man-made and there was once a castle on one of them. Old, maybe late Dark Ages - 6th century?

Shennanton Old Bridge

River Bladnoch

Derelict cottage

Newton Stewart


Monument to Randolph, 9th Earl of Galloway.

The inscription says "Erected by public subscription of all classes" - how very British.

Roadside daffodils are a sign of spring

The Glenlochar Barrage at the south end of Loch Ken controls water for the power station downstream

The church at Crossmichael


Loch Ken


  1. Gorgeous harbor picture, thank you!!

    I am loving all the blue sky in your pics.

    1. Yes it was nice to have some sunshine & warmth. It lasted a few days so I managed a couple of runs. More photos to follow….