Thursday 16 March 2017

Scottish Bike Show - Old Friends

Some examples of my past bikes were on show.

BSA Bantam D7. I feel guilty when I see a Bantam. I killed one in 1974 by throwing it into a skip (dumpster) I was given it free and got it going but then bought……..

…..a Yamaha CS5E. I was pleased to see this excellent example of my first bike (I used on the road)

It was in perfect condition. But there was a reason for this……

The title is wrong. The bike is a CS5, the CS3 was its predecessor and the RD200 its successor.

I had a GT500, this is an earlier T500 with twin discs in place of the original drum.

GT café racer

TR500 racer based on the T500

Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo

I'll add a few of my brother Norman's past bikes that he will remember with varying degrees of affection

MZ TS250

Honda CD175 - His first bike. We fell of it with me riding (maybe Castle St in Glasgow?) when I tried to slow down on cobbles. I remember sliding along the road on my front with my chin scraping along the ground and Norman clinging onto by back. I've still got the scar. More on this bike later…. 

Honda CB200 - I still remember him cursing the cable operated front disc brake

Yamaha SR500


  1. Isn't it great how all the different bikes can drum up memories. And then we think of the bikes we wish we hadn't sold.

    1. Yes, memories. Especially the Yamaha 200 where it all started for me. The amazing thing is that it looks tiny now.

  2. Ah, some old friends there! The TS 250 wasn't that bad. It kept me mobile when I had no money and started a 30 year relationship with the MZ brand. The CD175, my first bike. Passed my test on it and we all have to start somewhere! I actually had two CB200s. They were OK except for THAT BRAKE! I came close to fitting the front end off the previous CB175 as its drum brake was more reliable. As for the SR500, most disappointing bike I ever owned. Bought new, it never delivered on its promises - was underdeveloped, poorly built, dreadful handling when loaded, and never seemed 'right'. Lost a fortune on it when I came to sell.

  3. Ooo, that Honda CB200... Purdy-purdy.