Saturday 18 March 2017

Scottish Motorcycle Show - Long Distance Hondas

There were a couple of round-the-world Hondas at the show.

Firstly this unassuming CD175.

Its story

That's a long way to go!

But who needs a 175cc twin to go round the world? Nathan Millward did it on a CT110 "Postie bike". This is a version of the Cub developed for the Australian postal service.

We had a chance to chat to Nathan who was selling his travel books.

Nathan on his travels

Postie bike in action


  1. Wow, I couldn't imagine riding all that way on such a small bike. Not that it wouldn't be enjoyable but I think my butt/knees would be too sore after the first 400 miles or so.

    1. Yes, It takes a certain type of person to tackle journeys like these. When talking to Nathan he said he typically rode for 14 hours per day at a cruising speed of 37 mph.