Monday 20 March 2017

Scottish Motorcycle Show - More Classics

I love the Kawasaki Two stroke triples - a 750…

…and a 250.

Suzuki GT750

Yamaha RD500

Honda CB400 Four

Honda CB750F

Yamaha XS650

Yamaha FS1E "Fizzie" 50cc moped

BSA Hurricane

Dave Newman's Jawa 350 Twin - Red Style indeed!

Post Office BSA Bantam. These were used to deliver telegrams. They were mostly ridden by junior postmen aged 16-18. They were restricted to 30 mph but the boys found ways of defeating this. They operated until the mid '70's.


  1. Those Kawasakis are gorgeous. You are just teasing us now

    1. The two stroke triples are my favourite Japanese classic. Especially because they were rare and exotic in this country.